Usually, I'm the one who gets to ask the questions! But today Rosel Kim (that's her with me in today's pic) popped by my office at Marianopolis College to interview me. But before she left, I managed to ask Rosel some questions so that I could tell you all about her, dear blog reader.

Rosel works as an English monitor at the college's Learning Resources Centre. She is also a poet and a busy blogger. Her blog, found on her website, focuses on women artists. Rosel told me she got the idea for the blog when she read an article about how male authors get way more book review attention than female ones. "There was a pie chart in the magazine and it was really startling," Rosel told me.

Since Rosel began her blog in November, she has interviewed a female artist almost every week. "I wanted to create a network of emerging and established artists," she said.

I asked Rosel what the most important thing is that she has learned from interviewing women artists. Here's what she told me: "That to make it as an artist, you have to be persistent. And that it's okay to have a day job."

Sure makes sense to me!