This morning I got a very cool e-mail. It's from a Dutch woman named Moniek Polak -- so you see, our names are very similar, though she spells her first name differently than I do. Moniek is a photographer and she sent me the address of her website. If you want to check it out (I did, and she has some beautiful pics on it), it's:

Anyway, it was fun to get her message. Moniek asked whether my friends call me "Mo" like her friends do, and I wrote back to tell her yes. And also that my dad calls me "Momo"!!

On another note -- and this one has to do more with the writing life (except, you know, I am already thinking about possible stories about these two people in different countries with the same name, who happen to cross paths!! REMEMBER WHAT I SAID: EVERYTHING'S A STORY!!), I wanted to share a great quote I read last night from Canadian children's writer Marthe Jocelyn. Marthe was interviewed in the latest Canscaip News (Canscaip stands for Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers) by another children's writer named Sharon Jennings. Marthe is the author of several prize-winning books, including Mable Riley. In the interview, Marthe says: "I write all the time, but I don't write all the time.... So I might be working when I'm relaxing in the hammock." Sound familiar? Maybe she also gets good ideas when she's in the shower. So, when you're next relaxing in a hammock -- bring your notepad along -- just in case!!