It's a good thing I live with an editor. That's because I just asked Mike whether house guest is one word or two. So that saved me from having to check the word/s in the dictionary.

The house guest we are expecting is my friend's cat Frances. Frances is a Siamese cat and she has stayed with us before -- despite the fact that I am allergic to cats and dogs. The funny thing aboutFrances is we think she may like our house better than the one she lives in! That's because last time she was here, Frances made a habit of coming to sit on the couch with us when we were reading... something she never does at her own house.

Since Mike is working over the holidays -- people still want to read their newspaper --  I have time to keep working on my George River story. I think I've told you I'm nearing the climax. I find that as I've been working on the story over the last few days, my fingers have been moving more quickly than usual across the keyboard. Maybe it's because my story is speeding up, too. A lot of tense things are happening all at once -- which is rough for my poor main character, but super fun for me!!!

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a great day. Michael and I did what most people who are Jewish seem to do on Christmas: we went to see a movie (Juno -- I really liked it) and then we had dinner in Chinatown. 

Well, bye for now... I've gotta get organized for Franny-bo-banni!