I used to think that compared to writing, taking pictures was easy! Until, that is, I started hanging out with photographers.

Monique Dykstra is one of those photographers. We have worked togetheron several projects and I'm delighted to say we've become good friends. (Making friends when you're not a kid anymore is extra special, I think -- kind of like a surprise.) Anyway, Monique photographed the necklace on the cover of my book What World Is Left. When she came over to take the photo, I thought she'd be in and out of here in about 15 minutes... but she was here for HOURS!! That's when I learned that taking photos is every bit as difficult as writing. Writers have to worry about words and sounds; photographers like Monique D have to worry about light and unwanted distractions. Taking good photos takes a sharp eye -- and tons of patience!

Anyway, I mention Monique D because this weekend, she was shooting writers' pictures -- this was a service she offered at the Quebec Writers' Federation office for those of us who need to update our author pics. Monique posted the preliminary pics on her blog. Here's a link if you want to check them out. The first picture is of another of my friends, children's author Jane Barclay. I'm Monique's second subject. 

Hey, tomorrow should be an exciting day because I am interviewing star author and illustrator Mélanie Watt. Check this spot to read all about it!