Ever have a day that just flies by? That's what my day was like today at Laurentian Regional High School in Lachute.

That's me in the pic with LRHS librarian Megan Bryan. Megan and I are having a yummy lunch (chicken and fries) in the library between class visits.

I worked with two Secondary I groups, both belonging to English teacher Mrs. Welden. When we talked about the importance of trouble in stories (I told the students that in stories, trouble works like gasoline -- it makes a story MOVE FORWARD!), I could tell that Mrs. Welden's students understood the concept. As it turns out, they've been working on their own stories about survival in challenging circumstances (or in other words, TROUBLE!)

Before Miss Bryan and I took our lunch break, I had an informal session with students who just wanted to pop by the library and chat about writing. I must say that part of the day was super fun and added to the flying-by-feeling. A student named Emma showed me a poem she'd written that's about to be published in an anthology. Emma's poem is about writing, and includes the lovely, honest line: "I'm afraid of rejection." (Aren't we all, Emma? But writers keep going, even in the face of rejection!)

A Sec V student named Danielle MacRaye came to interview me for the school board newspaper and also for The Laurentian Review. (That's Danielle interviewing me in the second pic.) Though Danielle told me she wants to be a doctor, I must say she'd make a super  reporter. She was well-prepared and organized, and she made me want to tell her everything I could about writing and how to get published.

I had some good laughs today, too. I asked the morning group to guess what I bring with me when I go for a run. A student named Jonathan called out, "A chicken!" Then a student named Lucas said, "Flowers!" When Lucas guessed again, he got the right answer: "pen and paper." (I sometimes get good writing ideas when I'm running.)

I'm off now to go out for supper with my husband. And the students I met today know exactly what that means: I'll likely be listening in to conversations at the tables near ours. Don't be shocked -- I'm just being a writer, gathering stories and story ideas wherever I go.

Big thanks to Miss Bryan for inviting me to LRHS, to Mrs. Welden for sharing your students with me, and to the students for being so enthusiastic!