If you know me, you probably know that I ask A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Some of my friends think this comes from being a journalist. Sometimes they even get a little annoyed with me and say, "What is this, Monique, an interview?" It is funny how the work we do tends to influence our personalities -- or perhaps it's the other way around and we pick the kind of work that suits who we are.

In any case, as part of my public relations blitz on the new book, I was interviewed last week by Halifax literary journalist Stephen Clare. This meant the tables were turned, and I'm the one who had to come up with the answers! Stephen and I did the entire interview by e-mail. I liked his questions a lot -- only thing is he wanted to know about my last book, 121 Express, and not so much about my new book, What World Is Left. My favourite question was when he asked me, "What do you think makes a good book?" If you want to know my answer, follow this link to Stephen's book blog: http://stephenclare.blogspot.com/2008/10/q-with-monique-polak.html

Happy reading -- and writing!!