So it's 12:30 and I figure I'm an hour or two from finishing up the second draft of my historical novel. I've reviewed everything except the very ending, which I know still needs some work. Mostly, I feel good that I'm this far into the process... but you know, I think I'm going to be a little sad, too, when this draft of the book is done. Of all the books I've worked on, this one comes closest to my heart. That's because it's based on my mum's childhood experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. Until last year, she never told anyone the details about her life in the camp. Of course, as you can imagine, I owe a huge debt to my mum -- not only for sharing her story, but also for allowing me the freedom to make it my own. 

My mum is a very special person. She's feisty and she's funny. Most of all, she is very courageous. Even after living through terrible times, she found the courage to rebuild her life -- and to laugh again. So Mum, even though I know you don't read blogs, today I send a special hug and big big kiss your way today.