I've had a little technical trouble this week -- I had trouble saving yesterday's blog entry, which is why it appears today. (It's the one that has the five h's in "Ahhhhh!") I don't have much to tell you this afternoon. Actually, I feel a little boring. But -- this is a bit difficult to explain -- it's because I'm writing away. I'm getting lost in my newproject,  so the rest of my life feels pretty quiet. And GUESS WHAT? I'M HEARING VOICES! Have I mentioned that to you before? I know it's sounds kooky, but it's actually a very good thing when that happens to a writer. It means I can hear my characters talking to each other. When that happens, writing feels fun, and not so much like hard work (which is what it feels like most of the time).

Victoria Day weekend is coming up here in Canada. In fact, since it's after five now, it must already be here! I've actually been in touch today with my friends at Orca Book Publishers in VICTORIA. Guess they'll be having quite the party there this weekend. Well, I wish you a happy safe fun weekend. If you're imagining the story you might want to write, try listening for voices!  Let me know if it works!!