Today was one of those days when the writing went quickly and fairly painlessly. Also, I'm working on a section where my character, who is out on a winter camping expedition in Nunavik, wakes up to a terrible snowstorm. It helps that it is snowing again today in Montreal, though it's not stormy like it was on Sunday. So, all I've had to do is tilt my head a little to the right to getsome inspiration -- that's because the balcony to my office is in that direction, and the railing has about nine inches of snow on top of it. It looks almost edible! 

I have to be at Marianopolis at four today to help set up for the English Exit exam tomorrow. It's an exam that all second-year students at English language colleges in the province will be writing. I think I might have to walk to school. That's because my car is snowed in -- but my next plan is to head out and do some shoveling. I'll consider it part of my research. In fact, and you'll probably think this sounds a little wacky, but I am going to bring my pen and notepad outside so I can jot down my observations about being out in the snow. That way, I can let the character I am writing about have some of my thoughts. You can probably tell that even when we're not at the computer, we writers are still writing (well, in a way)! Okay then, off I go to face the elements!!