Last night, Karla Dobritoiu, one of my former students, interviewed me. It was a role reversal because usually, I'm the one who gets to ask the questions. Actually, it was kind of fun! I got to lie on the couch, while Karla (who did the interview by phone) did all the hard work! Karla, who is doing a double major in Communications and English Lit., at Concordia University, is taking a coursecalled "The Creative Process." Her assignment was to interview someone who does creative work -- and so she thought of me. She had 21 questions, mostly about how I get my ideas and what my writing routine is like. The hardest question she asked me was, "How do you define creativity?" Hmm... that took some thinking. I explained that my definition of creativity is fairly broad. To me, creativity means making something from nothing -- whether it's a story, or a song, or even a sandwich. Anything really! Even how we interact with others can be creative. Karla promised that if anything comes up in her class that she thinks might interest readers of this blog, she'll post a comment. There are more than 100 students in her class at Concordia and they're all interviewing someone different for this assignment. So Karla, let us know what you learn -- and pass on any tips you discover for making the creative process work!

That's it for today. You already know what I'm going to say: "Back to the rewrite!"