It's busy, all right. With everyone feeling budget squeezes, including publishing companies, it stands to reason that most authors need to do their bit to help promote their books. So I'm trying my best to get some buzz going about my new book, What World Is Left. Promoting the book feels kind of like fishing -- I'm putting a lot of lines into the ocean and hoping to catch somethingtasty. I had wonderful news last night from Debra Arbec of CTV's My Montreal -- she'll be taping next week's book launch and will be interviewing my mum and I before the festivities begin. YESSS!! 

But I can't just do book promotion type work. There's school and my other writing assignments, too. Orca has tentatively approved my book about guard dogs. This week, they want a chapter-by-chapter outline -- once that is okayed, I get a contract. (They've already seen the first three chapters of the book.) Partly, I find writing an outline like that a big nuisance and I certainly spent a lot of time tinkering with it this weekend. But, on the positive side, the task did force me to organize my thoughts about the book and to plan ahead in a way I might not have otherwise. So, see... sometimes doing something you're not that keen to do turns out well. 'Bye for now. This busy writer and teacher is going out for a run -- to clear my head, and get me in top form for when I'm back at my computer.