Lucky me! I got to spend this morning at the Ecole Nationale de Cirque's circus camp. I am researching a story about circus camp for the Montreal Gazette -- and I also happen to be working on a new novel set at... okay, you guessed it... circus camp!

In case you're wondering, that is not me doing a backwards flip into a pit of foam cubes!

I was sitting on a chair taking notes and generally trying to behave myself.

So, what can a writer learn from circus camp?

Sometimes, you have to take a flying leap.

And as Adrian Martinez, the acrobatics instructor who was working with the group of kids I was watching, told me: "These kids are very talented, but they need work. It's not only talent that matters, but also hard work."

Same goes for writing, no?

I'm going back next week for a second visit, and to watch some of the kids doing their routines.

Most of the time, being a writer is hard work, but some days ... well, you get to go to the circus!