Have I told you that this strange thing happens to me when I hear a great story?

My shoulders start to TINGLE.

When that happens, I know it's time to find my paper and pen and write down whatever story I just heard.

This afternoon, I visited two Journalism classes at John Abbott College and told the students about my tingling ability!! I also told them that sometimes I feel like a scavenger bird, swooping down when I smell a meaty story.

The Journalism students I met are taught by Deirdre King and Gayle Irwin, both passionate teachers who know a lot about the field. And because many of their students are taking Creative Arts and Languages, Deirdre and Gayle also asked me to talk a little about my work as a fiction writer.

Journalists aim to report the truth. And in our own way, fiction writers do the same. Through made-up stories, we try to get to the heart of things, to what is most important, to what we need and what we hope our readers will need, too.

Here's wishing you, dear blog readers, tingles (or whatever sign your body gives you that you're in the vicinity of a great story!!).