It was a wonderful wonderful launch. No matter how many more books I write, I don't think there will ever be such a special launch. Everyone who was there -- and there were nearly 300 people -- was special. My mum, whose story inspired What World Is Left, spoke and I spoke, too, and read from the book. One of the special things about my mum is that despite how she suffered as a teenager in Theresienstadt, she is a very upbeat person -- and I think her story, and the fictional one that I wrote, may help other young people face their own difficult situations. She made the audience laugh -- and cry. I'm still in the happy clouds here. It was a super busy week. On launch day, we did an interview with CBC radio in the morning and CTV's Debra Arbec interviewed us before the launch. The radio interview airs tomorrow (will try to find out the exact time and post it here); we'll be on TV this coming Thursday, Oct. 30 -- details to follow. Hey, guess what? Babar Books, who were handling book sales, sold out!! Many many thanks to my friends at Marianopolis College for allowing me to do the launch there, for taking care of all the details and for making it such a wonderful night. Thanks to to every single person who was there with us. It's an exciting feeling to know What World Is Left is out there in the reading world. One of my students paid me a terrific compliment that made me very very happy: she said I've turned something terrible into something beautiful. Bye for now from a very happy Monique... PS: Check out the pic of me and my mum and dad at the launch. Photo credit goes to Linda Spier, my cousin who came all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico for the launch!IMG_1220.jpg