Have you seen the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight? In it, Batman's nemesis, the Joker, despises people who believe in making plans. Well, he wouldn't like me! I've got exactly two weeks until I turn back into a teacher. This calls for a plan, and here's mine: this week, I'm going to reread and revise the manuscript I've been working on all summer, and next week, by hook orby crook, I'm going to start work on a new novel. This one is going to have something to do with Internet porn, a subject I did some research on earlier this summer for a Maclean's story.

Though I found The Dark Knight went on too long, it did give me lots to think about and the late Heath Ledger's performance (he played the Joker) was amazing. It's true that sometimes plans go awry, and people who plan too much tend to get a little... well... hard to take, no? So, here's to plans -- but also to having the good sense to be flexible and open when things change and don't go exactly according to plan!