That's the daily quota I've set for myself. And this week I have what every writer craves most -- TIME!! When I looked at my agenda this morning, I had the delightful feeling that comes when I see BLANK BOXES. No plans!! And then, I sat down to work on Junkyard Dog -- my latest manuscript for Orca -- and when I checked my word count a little later, guess what?! I'd already written 500words -- painlessly. My plan now is quite ambitious -- to write 500 more!! Some days, getting sentences out is painful and slow, but some days, well, some days are better, and I've been writing long enough to know that when that happens, I'd better go for it. So wherever you are, whateveer you're up to, I wish you a day of things going smoothly, too. 'Bye for now from your favourite blogger with very big and very frizzy hair!!