Now that the revision of Miracleville is with my editor, I could be relaxing... only I'm not very good at that!! Instead, I've drummed up some journalism work. I'm doing two stories forThe Gazette, and another for Maclean's Magazine. I was telling my husband last night how journalism brings me a certain buzz. I think it's because it's a quick hit -- I spend a few days researching, a few days writing, then BINGO, there's a story.

Speaking of Maclean's, the June 28, 2010 included an interview with author Tom Rachman. His first novel, The Imperfectionists, is getting rave reviews. Anyway, in the interview Rachman says some very inspiring, honest things about writing. Here's an example: "[Writing a novel] was a painful process, but one that demonstrated that the most important thing for writing is discipline and determination. There's a great Woody Allen line: 'Nine-tenths of success is just showing up.' I believe that. It is putting in the hundreds and hundreds of hours. That's what makes somebody a writer.'"Check out this link to read the complete Rachman interview. 

So if you want to write a novel, in fact if you want to do anything challenging and wonderful, get started putting in those hours. Speaking of which, my research calls!