Why, you may be wondering, is my mind on Oprah Winfrey, host of the world's most popular talk show? It's because I'm reviewing Kitty Kelley's recently released unauthorized bio of Oprah. I've agreed to write my review for The Gazette by next Tuesday -- only the book is 500 pages long... which is why I'm only writing a short blog entry today. I'm planning to spend the rest of the afternoon and every free moment the next few days with Kitty Kelley.

Just a few minutes ago though, I came across a quote from Oprah that I think could be of use to you, dear blog readers. She was talking about acting, but I think her insight applies equally well to writing fiction: "In acting you lose your personality in favor of the character you're playing but you use it to provide energy for your character." Hmm... that line certainly gets me thinking. I've considered before how taking on a fictional character's voice in a story must be a little like acting, but I'd never thought before about the transfer of energy from the writer (or actor) into her (or his) character. 

Okay, no more time for musing... Kitty Kelley is waiting for me on the couch downstairs. Hey, can you believe it snowed in Montreal yesterday? My poor daffodils look like they had a rough night!!