Hello again, blog readers. Today, I am back at my desk after an action-packed second day at Beurling Academy in Verdun.

Meet Vicky (that's her in today's pic). Vicky is in Miss Debi's Grade 11 Creative Writing class and she and some of her classmates stayed behind after my session to chat a little more about the world of writing.

But first, I worked with Miss Debi's Grade 10 English class -- a group I also saw yesterday and will meet again tomorrow. It isn't right for teachers (or authors!!) to have favourites, but I have to say these kids are stealing my heart. Even Bradley who was facing away from me AGAIN today -- despite all my encouraging advice to him yesterday about eye contact!! I forgot to tell you how yesterday, Bradley shared a very interesting observation about men's behavior in bathrooms (something I have been unable to research personally on account of my being a woman!) -- Bradley says there is what he calls "a two stall rule,"  meaning that when men pee, they tend to try and leave an open stall between them. That's what I call insider information and books need lots of insider info!!

A student named Ashley in the Creative Writing group struck me as intriguing. I noticed several unusual things about her: her socks were wet (she'd stepped in a puddle on the way to school); her socks did not match (one had rainbow stripes, the other had blue stripes); she has a snakebite piercing under her lip; and she had blue marker markings all over one arm (from a "marker fight" yesterday). When we got to chatting, Ashley explained that those unmatched socks are actually lucky socks -- and that she is -- here comes the most interesting part -- a grappler. (Which is like a wrestler.)

I don't know about you, but I love the word "grappling." I'm a grappler, too, only I don't grapple other people's bodies! I grapple with ideas.

This wouldn't be an honest entry if I told you that everything went super well today at Beurling. There was a small group of students in the Creative Writing class who were, let's say, a little less than focused. I call this kind of behavior "resistant." And you know what it means to me? Not that these young people aren't interested in learning about writing -- but that they must have some seriously interesting and important stories of their own to share. Only they're resistant. So here's my challenge to all of you, today: may you be brave enough to find and tell your stories!!