Just in case you think writing's easy... today's entry is meant to set you straight. This week, I spent most of my days working on DRAFT NUMBER FOUR of Miracleville, my novel due outthis spring with Orca Books.

I have to admit that the rewriting is sometimes ... well ... a bit of a drag. But I did it, and I tried my best, and now it's done. 

Also, my most dear editor Sarah Harvey had some questions for me about the care of a person who's been paralyzed (I'm being careful here not to give too much away.) Anyway, I asked another dear person about this: my neighbour Liz, who is now retired after working for many years as a nurse in a rehab centre. As luck would have it, Liz had a friend over -- another retired nurse named Anita. And between the two of them, they answered all my (and Sarah's) questions. Which goes to show you that though rewriting can be difficult tedious work, sometimes assistance comes in wonderful surprising ways. Here's to some wonderful surprising assistance in YOUR life, dear blog reader!!