So it's Monday morning -- already 9:30. I want to get to the Y to lift weights (don't worry, nothing too heavy!), then I'm going to spend some time at my computer. I need to find my way back to the manuscript I was writing (Junkyard Dog) before I got busy with the re-write (On the George River). I started looking at Junkyard Dog on Friday -- what I need to do is re-read what I'vegot so far, make some adjustments... and then start adding to the story. All these tasks always seem more daunting when I think about them... but once I actually get started, it's never quite so bad as I feared.

The first draft of Junkyard Dog is due at the end of March, but it'd be great if I could get it more or less roughed out before I go back to teach on January 19. Of course, this time of year gets busy with holiday celebrations and get togethers with friends and neighbours. Tonight, two of my favourite writer friends -- Lori Weber and Jane Barclay, both of whom also write for kids -- are coming for dinner.  Must say I enjoy hanging out with people who do similar stuff; we share an obsession with stories. I'll make a point of keeping my notepad handy, so tomorrow I should have some interesting writerly tidbits to share with you. Off I go to the Y... then to get reacquainted with my junkyard dog!