So classes at Marianopolis are nearly over. Most of my correcting comes in today, and then the rest on Monday. Which means this writer isn't going to be doing much writing over the next few days. But I did start my day with writing -- like I do EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every morning, I write my "morning pages." I got the idea from a terrific book I read several years ago called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. In my morning pages, I do all kinds of things -- sometimes I talk about the upcoming day, or the previous day, sometimes I just rant, sometimes I actually try to work out problems I'm having with the manuscript I'm busy with. What I find about doing the morning pages is they keep me limber. Just like an athlete needs to work out regularly, we writers need to write. For me, the morning pages is a way to exercise my writing muscles. Julia Cameron recommends we write three pages every single morning -- so that's what I do. (Of course, she doesn't mention the size of your pages, so if you find three pages long, you could always get yourself a mini-notebook!) Okay, that's all the blogging I'm going to do for today. I can hear some essays calling my name, eager to be graded!! Check out Julia Cameron's book -- it's really helpful!!