I am writing to you today from Orchard Elementary School in Lasalle, Quebec. I'm here doing a series of writing workshops. I started my day with the kindergarten classes and am working my way up to the senior students. What I find interesting is that the basics of writing stay the same -- no matter if I am teaching kids in kindergarten or my own students at Marianopolis College.
So, today I've been focusing on what I call the "hunt" for stories and how I ask the question, "What if?" when I begin imagining a story. I'm going to tell you a little about some of my happiest moments today. Here goes: A kindergarten student named Dyrhon gave me a spontaneous hug after my presentation. Now, that doesn't happen much in college!!
Two other kindergarteners -- Naijah and Alyssa -- told me they've both decided to become writers. I told them I only started writing seriously when I was in my mid-thirties. Think how experienced Naijah and Alyssa are going to be when they hit my age!!
Other happy moments: When I was trying to make the point that writing, like anything we want to get good at, takes practise, one of the older students, Kamiyha explained how she plays badminton "a lot." I explained that I write A LOT, too.
I also heard a gross but captivating story from a student named Justin. When Justin's brothers' dad was a kid, his finger got badly cut... it was hanging from a thread of skin. Gross right?... but see how the details bring this story to life? And now here comes my favourite detail in Justin's story: the dad's mom made him eat his breakfast before she took him to the hospital! Now, that's a story I'll never forget!
So, thanks to my friends at Orchard Elementary and to principal Mrs. Liz Rivard for inviting me here today. Madame Wendy, the school librarian, isn't at Orchard on Mondays, but she's one of my favourite librarians! So, here's to hunting for stories and including the details that can help bring our stories to life!!