I don't know if you ever heard of a game called "Hot Potato." We played it when we were kids, and the idea was to keep passing an imaginary hot potato around so it never landed in your lap. About two minutes ago, I e-mailed off a copy of my George River manuscript to Sarah Harvey, one of my editors at Orca Book Publishers in Victoria. So I got rid of the hot potato... and in a fewweeks, I'll get it back and it'll be my turn again.

I also feel a little like my baby (the manuscript) has just left for the first day of kindergarten. Will he be smart enough? Is he dressed right? And most importantly, what will Sarah Harvey think of him?!!

As for me, I'm going to head out into the snow for a run. And when I get home, well, I don't know what I'll do. I need to get back to the other manuscript ("Junkyard Dog"), but maybe I'll do something really wild and unusual for me: NOTHING!! Will let you know whether I'm capable of such extreme and wild behavior. Have a good weekend, be safe, relax -- and have fun!!