IMG_1306.jpgJust a quick hello in case you are wondering whether we survived our three-day hike in the Grand Canyon. Well we did and it was AMAZING!!! It was a 7 mile hike down to Phantom Ranch at the base of the Canyon, and we did the 10 mile hike back up to the South Rim over two days. When we get home, I will post a picture. I have never seen anything more gorgeous in all my life. And I'm feelingthis tremendous sense of accomplishment that I DID IT. With a backpack that some people teased me about: "Hey that thing is bigger than you are!"

I am writing this blog entry from the Flagstaff Public Library. The next thing I'm going to do is chat up the children's librarian and ask whether she's got a copy of What World Is Left.

Wherever you are, have fun. If I can hike down and up the Grand Canyon -- well that pretty much confirms my hunch that we can do anything!!