Either you are thinking that the young people in today's pics are very very lucky -- imagine spending four hours with me every week for the next 15 weeks... or else you think they are very unlucky (for the same reason!!). In the first pic, you can meet my Journalism class. In the bottom pic, you can meet my Writing for Children students.

I was thinking that these could work as "before" photos (as in "before and after" photos in which a plain woman (or man) is transformed into a great beauty. As you can see, my students are already very good looking! I'm interested in a different sort of transformation... an internal one. You see, some of these young people are going to turn into writers. And for me, that's a very exciting process to be part of!

I have to admit I was just a wee bit sorry to return to teaching this week... there is, after all, something to be said for an eight-month sabbatical. (Think of snowy days when a stay-at-home writer can stay-at-home in her flannel PJs all day long!!) But you know what? All  my students this term (there's another group -- my Stuff of Nonsense class and I'll try to get their pic for you next week) strike me as bright and interested and interesting. And you know what I am? Lucky to be their teacher!