The new rhythm I'm moving to is a SLOWER one. That's because my marking is nearly all done (just two late assignments left)... and I'm back at my desk most of the day. It's nice notto be moving so quickly, though I have to admit it is something of an adjustment for a speed-demon like me!

Today, I bring you a quote from Daniel Handler, better known as Lemony Snicket (one of my Writing for Children students did a little presentation on him a couple of weeks ago). Here's Lemony Snicket's advice to aspiring writers: "Write every day. Just a paragraph or two. Keep a journal or a diary. That way you'll always be writing." Good advice, if you ask me... now take it! 

As for me, I've done my writing for today. I'm about to lie down on the couch and READ!! Ahh, this has been my kind of day!! Hope your day is going well, too!