Hello, hello... I'm just back from a talk at Westmount Library here in Montreal. The audience was mostly Grade 6 and 7 students from Westmount High. The students were great, very keen and focused; I didn't even need to make comments about their body language!! The best part of today was my mum and dad came along, too. As you probably know, my mum inspired my latest book, What World Is Left. Sheis not too keen to talk about her experience at Theresienstadt, the Nazi concentration camp where my novel is set, but she was a little more open than usual around the students... I think because she is beginning to realize how important it is for young people to learn about the past. Here is a group picture we took. Special thanks to my friends at the Westmount Library, especially Donna Lach and Wendy Wayling, and also to SusanIMG_1230.jpg Chau and Jacqueline Moore from Westmount High.... and to the students, for being such a great audience and for coming up with so many good questions.