March break is coming up at my school. Tomorrow morning, my husband and I are leaving for a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon -- which means I probably won't be blogging for about a week or so.

Usually when we travel I end up writing a travel story about our adventures, but this time, I'm less inclined to work on our trip. I mentioned this to a friend yesterday and she said, "So I guess you'll be leaving your notebook at home!" 

Well... not exactly. Leaving home without my notebook... oh my...  that would be like going on a trip without my toothbrush. Right now, my side of the bed is covered with all the stuff I have to bring. Besides clothing and camping gear, there's my trusty journal and a fresh Hilroy book. Even a holiday-ing writer might get some great idea while she's trying to avoid tarantulas and rattlesnakes... and what good is a great idea if she can't write it down?

Another thing I need to do today is bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They're for my cousin Ruby who's going to look after the house while we're away. Ruby and I must be related because we both love chocolate chip cookies -- and I've promised Ruby that I'll leave a week's supply in the cookie jar. 

If you're nearly on March break, too, enjoy your adventures wherever you are... and don't forget to take notes. Talk to you in a little over a week!