These days, most readers contact authors over the Internet... but yesterday, I actually received two old-fashioned snail mail letters. Both are from students at Hadley Junior School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and though I'm planning to send both students proper letters back, I thought I'd also answer some of their questions in today's blog entry.

Alberto asks what encouraged me to be an author. I'd say it's basically the fact that I love stories (stories in books, stories people tell to each other over lunch or while they're waiting in line at the grocery store... all stories!!) and that I was raised in a family of people who all love to hear, and especially tell stories.

K.T., who's in seventh grade at Hadley Junior, liked my book Finding Elmo because it was "a really quick read." K.T. wanted to know whether I have written any similar books. Well, K.T., you might like 121 Express or Junkyard Dog. Yes, I think Junkyard Dog might do the trick for you!

Anyway, it is very exciting to hear from readers -- either through this blog or via snail mail. So wherever you are, keep those messages coming!