It's a little hard to concentrate when it's warm and sunny and my clothesline is calling to me! "Monique! Monique! Hang out the sheets on me, please! Think how nice they'll smell when you crawl into bed tonight!"

I'm getting to my computer late today (blame the clothesline), but I need to get cracking on that final read through "What World Is Left." 

Tomorrow, I do a workshop on dialogue with the students at Hebrew Academy, so I'll do a blog on that to tell you how things go. Also, on Thursday, Melanie Jeffs, editor of my new book 121 Express, is coming from Vancouver Island to visit for a few days. I was hoping she'd be able to drop by my Writing for Children class, but unfortunately, the timing doesn't work out. But don't despair -- watch this space -- my plan is to pick Melanie's brain and report back with my findings. Let me know if you've got any questions you'd like me to ask on your behalf. Melanie edits Orca Currents (another one of my books, Finding Elmo, which was published last year, is also an Orca Current).

Talk to you tomorrow, then -- after the dialogue workshop!