So my head is still full of Judy Blundell's wonderful book, What I Saw and How I Lied. I thought that for today's blog entry, I'd copy out one of my favourite lines from the book (believe me, there were lots to choose from). This one describes the feelings Evie Spooner (the story's 15-year-old protagonist) experiences when the boy (if you can call him a boy, he's 23 years old) she has a crush on kisses her: “I understood the word swoon. It felt that way, like sweep and moon and woo, all those words smashed together in one word that stood for that feeling, right then.” Not only does a line like that delight me as a reader (ahh!), but it inspires me as a writer, too. It's as if there is no limit to the wonderful things we can do with language. Okay, then, off I go to try to do some wonderful things of my own before it's time to head back to school and turn into a teacher!

For readers who are new to this blog -- some of you are my students this term at Marianopolis -- go ahead and write in a comment. That way, I won't feel like I'm writing for some anonymous souls in cyberspace.

Hey, are you going to watch today's inauguration ceremony?