I'm calling today's blog entry "This 'n That" because that's the kind of day it is at my end of the computer. I have lots of this 'n that to do. I think it's because I was so focused on the rewrite that I put off a number of other tasks. The first thing I want to do is get cracking on the research for my next newspaper assignment: a story for The National Post about procrastination. I just got off the phone with a time management expert named Harold Taylor. He says procrastination is a natural state, but that it gets people stressed out. Harold says one reason there is so much procrastination in our culture is we have so many distractions -- like the Internet. One point Harold made that I really liked is that getting started is usually the biggest obstacle when we're in a procrastinating mood. "Once you get started," Harold said, "things aren't as difficult. Often it takes more energy to procrastinate than to get something done." Interesting, no?

So this week, I need to find myself a few procrastinators willing to be interviewed. It'll help my story if they have a good sense of humour, too. And the other writing task I've set for myself this week is to get back to my George River manuscript. I haven't looked at it in over a month, so I'm afraid it'll feel like getting together with a boyfriend who's been away for a while -- and not being sure if I still like him!! Well then, I'll let you know if we still have chemistry!! Have a good afternoon wherever you are -- and quit procrastinating!!