During the most hectic days of the semester, I sometimes feel like I don't have time to breathe. But this week isn't like that. Ahhhh... it feels good. I used the long weekend to do this 'n that... there's quite a lot of business associated with being a writer. I've been working hard on two applications: one for a grant, the other to be part of a national book tour. This kind of stuff certainly isn't my favourite part of the writing life, but well, it has to be done -- and it feels good when that sort of thing is behind me. Of course, I get a couple of those kinds of chores done only to realize there's another still to do!

I expect to hear any day now from Sarah Harvey, the editor at Orca Books who'll be working with me on my new manuscript. Though I may have said this to you before, sending out a manuscript feels like sending your baby to school for the first time. You don't know if the child is a genius or a troublemaker!! I'll keep you posted on the verdict, of course.

I should have many interesting things to blog about this week. That's because I'm hosting two visitors at school. Tomorrow, Montreal YA writer Lori Weber will be doing a workshop on setting with my Writing for Children students. Then on Thursday, Gazette photo editor Marcos Townsend will talk to my Journalism class about his work at the paper. So keep your eyes on this space for updates.

Another bit of interesting news: some neighbours gave us a wooden birdhouse. Two summers ago, we attached the birdhouse to a tree and some chickadees took up residence inside the birdhouse ... well, that tree was causing trouble so we had to cut it down, and we ended up hanging the birdhouse on our balcony, where it's mostly been serving a decorative function. But guess what? We had some chickadee visitors this weekend. Here's hoping they're planning a family! Have a good start to the week. And don't forget to BREATHE!!