Today I met students at Lake of Two Mountains High School. Language arts teacher Lee Rother arranged the visit, which began with a yummy lunch from the school cafeteria! It turns out Lee is a specialist in mass media, a subject in which I'm also interested.

But the best part of the day was working with the students. They didn't even need my usual pep talk about body language -- theywere almost all sitting up straight, taking notes and resting their chins on their hands in classic "thinking position"! 

One student named Chloe told me she's already read three of my books: No More Pranks, Home Invasion and Finding Elmo. A student named Jesse caught my attention because of the way he wears his hair: it covers most of his face like a black curtain. Jesse told me there's a story behind why he wears his hair this way. Though he didn't want to tell me that story, it occurred to me Jesse ought to write that story himself. I'll bet it'd be interesting. Jesse, if you're reading this -- get to work!

Several other students told me they are working on stories and books, and several have already had pieces published. I told them if they keep writing, even when writing feels difficult, they'll make it. I know, from experience, that this is true. 

That's it for me for today. Going to spend the next hour doing a little writing! Have a great weekend wherever you are. And if writing matters to you, find time for it, too. Bye for now from me!