I'm just back from a magic afternoon at the Montreal Children's Library Richmond Square Branch. I guess you're wondering what made it magical! Well, here's the explanation: It's a gorgeous day here in Montreal and the youngsters who come to the Tyndale St. George Community Centre could either go play outside -- or listen to me telling them what to do if they want to become writers.

As you can imagine, most of them ran for the front door!

But the ones who stayed -- they made the afternoon magical. I worked with about a dozen young women, ranging in age from 7 to 16, and they were a totally focused, interested audience. Four of them were students from Sacred Heart School who volunteer at the library on Friday afternoons. I could tell from their eyes that they're all interested in writing. Sara, Gabriella, Esmé and Maria, it was great to meet you! (I like the name Esmé so much I think I might just use it in my next manuscript. Thanks, Esmé, for giving me permission!)

The two youngest members of the audience were super bright. Adelene helped with translating when I was stuck for a French word or two. I told the group how I like to ask the question, "What if?" when I'm working on a story. That translates, according to Adelene, to: "Et si?" (Sounds even better in French, doesn't it?)

In today's pic, you'll see me with sisters Ciara and Cianna and their new friend Nora. Ciara and Cianna love writing and reading stories. Ciara's questions suggested to me that she is a natural writer. Like all the young women I met today, I hope you'll write your stories, Ciara -- and I'm super glad to have met you! Special thanks to librarian Carmen Mandrila for making me feel so at home at your library!