Well, there've been a lot of ups and downs around here the last few days. My mum who has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks, was getting a little better last week, and then she took a realturn for the worse over the weekend. It was so sad. She was in what doctors call a state of delirium -- shifting on her bed so much she scratched up her elbows, not aware that we were there, and saying stuff that didn't make any sense at all.

I guess we all feel we have the most special mother in the world. Anyway, that's how I feel. Also, I have this strange urge to tell people who didn't know her before (such as the hospital staff) how funny and smart and full of life she usually is. I also want them to know that she survived the Holocaust.

Anyway, things started to look a wee bit better yesterday and then again today. She recognizes us and has even begun saying a few funny things. This afternoon, I said my sister and one of her sons would be coming to visit, to which my mum replied: "Well, I'll still be here!"

So here are my blog thoughts for today: first of all, you better appreciate every good moment you have with the people you love! Second, we all need to find ways to weather the ups and downs (especially the downs). You know what works for me? WRITING!!!! Today, I finished re-reading the first draft of my new manuscript and guess what? It's pretty good!! The beginning still needs some gutting, but I think it'll be good to go for the end of January, which is when my editor at Orca Books, Sarah Harvey, is expecting it. And another small nice writing-related thing: I was in the kitchen just now (making red bean burgers for supper) when I thought of a way to improve the very last line of the story. (Which supports my view that writing doesn't only happen in front of the computer or a notepad.)

So good luck with your own ups and downs. Take lots of notes. And I do hope your downs are followed by some very up ups!!