IMG_1436.jpgToday's pic was taken by yours truly at Stayner Park in Westmount. What, you may ask, was a writer doing hanging out at the park anyhow? Well, I'd just finished meeting those happy-looking kids you see in the pic (plus a lot of others who were busy on the swings or playing basketball at theother end of the park) and telling them all about What World Is Left. When I learned they were going to stop for lunch at Stayner Park, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day -- and the great company! -- and come along!!

Today's talk took place at the Montreal Children's Library. The kids were in Grades Four and Five at Westmount Park School. I must say they stole my heart. Henri, who's 10, kindly offered to take pictures. I was very pleased when Amber, who is 11, told me she had already read What World Is Left. Her teacher, Miss Price, lent Amber her copy. This is what Amber had to say about the book: "I read it in one day. It was very emotional." Aisha, who is 10, told me she loves to read at night. When I asked her why she likes reading, she told me, "It's fun and interesting and I learn new words." Brendan, also 10, sounds like he has the writing bug. I know because he said, "I like inventing stories. When I'm done, I staple my stories together." And Mohanad (cool name!!), who is 9, kindly offered to take notes when I said we needed a note-taker to write down important stuff such as: never ever give up; re-write; write a lot -- and read even more!

Before I sign off for the day (I've got to go and RE-WRITE -- working now on what may be the final edit of my manuscript Junkyard Dog), I want to say a big thank-you to all the people who helped organize my talk today. Without all of you, I'd never have gone to the park and climbed up the jungle gym in my too-long skirt to take the picture you see here! So thanks to Robin Sales and Elizabeth Macdonnell at the Montreal Children's Library; to Miss Price, Miss Erica, Miss Karen and Miss Darlene for doing such a great job with your students and for sharing your snacks with me at the park; and thanks to all the kids. If I could, I'd hug you all at the same time. PS: Thanks also to Aiden, an exchange student from Korea, who insisted I sample three pieces of his yummy sushi! 

Hey, I'm going to go ahead and paste in a message I just got from Miss Price's students. You'll understand why I wanted to go hang out with them at the park! 

Thank you for coming to the library and talking to us - Henri

You rocked with your talking- Priti

Actually, I liked your stories-Omar

Thanks for sharing your stories- Aminata

We were insired by your writing- Tafari

We enjoyed the time you were with us!-Katie-Lynn

Your stories were important and historical - Rahul

Monique, Your books were extremely touching- Amber and Silkenn

We liked your presentation about your books-Nadia

Your books sound very interesting ...I hope to read them-Rayna

Never ever give up! Aiden