Every writer needs to know the answer to this question. Last night, I was working on the re-write of my George River manuscript and I have to admit I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. There's so much to do!

This morning, I got up, wrote my morning pages (three pages every single morning no matter what!), went for a run... and then I came back up here to the computer. And you know what?... it's not so bad anymore. Which is what gave me the idea of blogging about the best time of day to write (or revise). Of course, the answer is different for everyone. There are some writers who work best late at night when the rest of the world is fast asleep. Then there are those, like me, who do their best work when they are fresh in the morning.

If you know what time is best for you, you can try to arrange your schedule so you're at the computer when you're at your "peek." In my case, there's an added benefit to writing early... since I'm extremely energetic in the morning some of the sleepier people out there find me a little hard to take... so this way, I'm not getting on anyone's nerves. If you don't believe me about being energetic early in the morning, just ask one of the students in my Mon./Wed. 8:15 class!!