When I was in college (I went to Marianopolis, the school I now teach at!), I remember working on an essay -- I was sitting on the carpet in my bedroom, all my notes spread out around me. Occasionally, I still  use that method, especially when I am in the planning stages for a story or a book.

So yesterday, I took out all the notes I've got so far for my new book idea, and I didjust that. And you know what? It worked. Did I tell you I've been looking for a beginning for the book... some place to start? Well, while I was going through my notes, and taking more notes, I found my beginning! (It was right there, in one of my scribbles.)
So I have a few choices now. I could either start writing (I'd kind of like to, since I feel happiest when I am working on a story), or I could do some more pre-planning. Pre-planning is harder for me, but my insticts say I should do extra pre-planning this time, especially since this book is a big departure for me in terms of its content (it's going to have quite a lot to do with Catholicism, a religion I don't know a lot about). So in case you're wondering where I'll be today -- the answer is: on the multi-coloured rug in my little home office. Planning and thinking and scribbling and getting ready to jump into my next book. Exciting, no?

My wish for you today and for the upcoming long weekend (if you live in Canada) is that you have some project you are excited about, too! It's certainly the season for new beginnings!