That's writing snarky -- as opposed to feeling snarky. Actually, I'm in my usual mental state, which is generally friendly and mostly kind. But I'm WRITING SNARKY!! That's because when Sarah Harvey, my editor at Orca, and I had our phone "meeting" this week, she suggested that Noah, the protagonist in my latest book project could be a little snarkier. Now that's funfor a person like me to do -- since I'm usually so darned un-snarky. Maybe I'm a secret snark and it only comes out in my stories!! 

So I'm going to get snarky right now. Then at 1:17 I have a live phone interview with Natasha Aimee Hall, who's interviewing me for her radio show on 940AM. It's a seven-minute interview about my last book, 121 Express, and if you know me, you probably know that talking is one of my specialties -- so the interview shouldn't be a problem. Okay then, off I go to get in touch with my inner, more-than-slightly-repressed snark!!