I spent the morning at the 10th Annual YES Artists' Conference, where I participated on a panel called "Creation and Inspiration: How They Made It!" Our moderator was Andy Nulman, presidentof Festivals and Television at Just for Laughs. I had five co-panelists, all from different fields ranging from computer design to acting. Dil Hildebrand, a young painter who was also part of the panel, had this very wise advice for aspiring artists: "You need a healthy relationship with failure. Falling on your face is part of it." I'd say that's good advice for all of us, no matter where we are in our lives or careers.

After lunch, where I got to chat with more interesting creative people, I scooted over to Hebrew Academy for the second of my three writing workshops. My six lively and talented young writers are working on a group story. Today, we discussed the need to develop our characters' voices. Emily is writing from the point of view of a spoiled vain girl -- and she had fun making her character, whose name is Chelsea, sound obnoxious! Eliana R is writing from the point of view of a brainy girl named Audrey. For next week's workshop, Eliana is going to get inside Audrey's head -- and let us know what Audrey's thinking.

Is it just me -- or is there nothing more interesting in the world than getting to know imaginary characters?