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Courageous Young Women I Know

I've been thinking a lot about courage lately. And instead of looking to older people as role models, I've been learning some big lessons from several young women in my life. So today's entry is dedicated to them. One's my daughter, who moved to New York in August to start a job in the fashion industry. As I keep telling her, I don't think I would have had the courage to do whatshe's doing: start a brand new life without family and friends around to see me through. Then there's S., an Inuit student who moved to the Montreal area from Nunavik in August to attend John Abbott College. Coming from a remote town of only 900 people, she's had an even bigger culture shock than my daughter. And then there's E., who was in my Writing for Children class last semester, and who has gone off to attend university in another province, where she has had to face the challenge of meeting new people. So what I want to say to all of you today -- and to other readers out there, who are brave in their own ways -- is that I really admire all of you, and that your example gives me courage to do the things I find hard to do. WAY TO GO, A & S & E!! I'm proud to know you!!
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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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