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Some of my friends already call me the Energizer Bunny (I don't like when they say so), but I have to admit that today, I am feeling unusually energetic -- even for me. Maybe it's a result of the vacation, or that my Mom energy has to be channeled elsewhere since as of yesterday, my daughter has become a resident of Brooklyn, New York. Anyway, I've been a-writing. Finished a personal essayabout what it's like for a mom when her only child leaves home, and I spent part of today tinkering with my Nunavik story. In about a half hour, I'm leaving for Old Montreal to do research on penny press machines for a Maclean's story. Sometimes it's fun to have a varied writing day (like today), though it's also nice to be able to focus on just one thing. Between writing this and that, I've been interviewing people who are into pressed pennies ... who knew I'd be stepping into a whole new world? Okay, off I go, hopefully to meet some pressed penny collectors for that story!
Pressed Pennies & Beijing Noodles


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Sunday, 25 October 2020

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