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Fold Your Pants!

Hello, hello... shifting gears today... have decided to take a little break from fiction and am working on a profile of children's book author Frieda Wishinsky. I'm writing it for the CANSCAIP newsletter, which goes out to Canadian children's writers and people interested in the business. Anyway, I've got pages of notes from when I interviewed Frieda in Toronto in November and now I'm trying to turn those notes into something that will do her justice. I just got to the part where Frieda tells me about her first book sale. It was a picture book called "Why Can't You Fold Your Pants Like David Levine?" The title turns out to be something Frieda's mother-in-law used to say to Frieda's husband when he was a kid! Can't you just hear her saying so? The funny ending to the story is that Frieda met the real David Levine 36 years later. "He said his mum had threatened to throw his toys out the window if he didn't fold his pants!" Pretty funny, no? Okay, I'm still in my running clothes and it's 11:32 a.m. -- so I think I'd better head out for that run... then I'll come back to my computer and settle in for the afternoon. Hope to have the profile done before five. If you're celebrating Christmas, I wish you a very merry one... if like me, you're celebrating the season in general, enjoy it, too. Will check back in by the end of the week. And fold your pants!
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Guest - tamar on Wednesday, 24 December 2008 13:45

Happy holidays, Miss P! and happy and healthy oh and safe new year!

Happy holidays, Miss P! and happy and healthy oh and safe new year! xo
Guest - Sophie on Sunday, 28 December 2008 10:38

HAppy holidays! ;D

HAppy holidays! ;D
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