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This is What My Office Floor Looks Like

IMG_1549.jpgPretty messy, no? I shot that photo for you this morning because I want you to see what the floorin my office looks like when I am working on a book. (Of course, I do tidy up sometimes, like when it's time to vaccuum!) Sometimes I feel like all my books get written on little slips of paper. Of course, that isn't exactly how it happens since I do most of my writing here at the computer. But when I get what feels like a good idea, or even better, when I hear one of my characters talking in my head... well then, I write it down, usually on a slip of paper, sometimes on the back of an envelope, and sometimes if I'm out, on a napkin!

It's a rainy Sunday here in Montreal. I've been working on a book review that is scheduled to appear in next Saturday's Gazette and now that it's done, I think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading on the couch. Hope you've also had some time to relax and recharge this weekend. Don't forget to keep a notepad handy in case you get a brainstorm for your own book!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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