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Home Invasion Gets Mentioned on CBC Sunday Edition

Yesterday morning, I came home from a run to find a message on our telephone -- it was my friend Deena, calling from the side of the road near Hamilton, Ontario, where she lives. She had been listeningto The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright on CBC Radio... and one of my books (Home Invasion) was mentioned in a segment about reluctant readers. Deena was so excited she pulled her car over to the side of the road to phone me!

So, right now, as I'm writing this blog entry,  I'm listening to yesterday's show which you can access on the The Morning Edition website -- scroll down to the spot that says "Listen to hour two" if you want to hear it too.

Apparently, librarian Brenda Halliday, one of the people interviewed for the segment, tells the story of a boy who said HE READ A BOOK HE LOVED and THAT IT WAS THE FIRST BOOK HE FINISHED IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. And guess what? It's one of MINE! Exciting, no?!! Another person interviewed on the segment is Andrew Wooldridge, the publisher at Orca Books. Andrew is one of my favourite people in the world -- after all he gave me my start in children's books when he bought my first manuscript, No More Pranks

So it's already the second week of school. I'm feeling a lot less overwhelmed than I felt this time last week. And you know what? I really like all my students!

Okay, gotta go... the segment is on now and I want to give it my full attention!

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Guest - tamar on Tuesday, 26 January 2010 00:44

so cool!!! 8)

so cool!!! 8)
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