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What Happens When Two English Teachers and a Librarian Get Together for Lunch?

You know what happens when two English teachers and a librarian get together for lunch? They have a blast! (Not to mention that they have loads to talk about.)

I had lunch today with Jean Sancton, who teaches Grade Six at Forest Hill Senior Elementary and the school librarian Maria Cavaiuolo. That's us in today's pic. Jean is in the middle; Maria is on the right. (I met Jean and Maria last year during a wonderful school visit.) And while you're examining the pic, that lovely grey bicycle in the background is mine -- I call it my "Grey Goose."

I WASN'T PLANNING to take notes during lunch -- I was just planning to be a regular person and relax -- only then the conversation got so interesting I reached into my purse for my pen and for a napkin that turned out to be a surprisingly reliable note sheet.

Jean was telling us about an end-of-term writing assignment she gave to her Grade Six students: "I asked them to write to me because it means a lot to me." Jean said she'll always treasure the letters she received. She also noticed that many of them talked about enjoying the same things: "They liked being given time to read on their own. They also liked being read to." And guess what was one of the books they enjoyed most?! The Middle of Everywhere by ... Yours Truly!

Maria told us how she is reading and enjoying Stephen King's new book 11/22/63. "I like it," she said, "because it has a time travel element. There's a character in it, a high school teacher, who has a chance to go back and change something."

I asked Maria what her favourite time of day is for reading. She told me it was morning. (I save my reading time for the evening.) Here's how Maria described the ideal start to her day: "I read on the deck or in the kitchen in the full sunshine. It feels like a luxury."

So, here's my question for you today: What is your favourite time to read?


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