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121-expressPublisher: Orca, 2008

Lucas Samson is new to Lorne Crest School. He'd do just about anything to fit in with the cool crowd. That means that when they go a little crazy after school on the 121 Express bus, he'll have to go a little crazy, too. But how far will Lucas go in order to fit in?

"Teen boys will sympathize with Lucas's drive to be cool but also come to the realization that doing the right thing is often a better choice." -- CM Magazine

"The action in Monique Polak's lively story takes place almost exclusively on this bus.... 121 Express explores weighty topics -- racism, self-respect, compassion --  without preaching, through an honest narrator to whom readers can relate." -- Montreal Review of Books

"Teens will appreciate the desire to fit in with the cool crowd and will laugh at the pranks" -- Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media