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remember this

Uncover the science of memory and how important it is to our daily lives.

We all make memories, and memories make us who we are. Remember This explores the science of memory, how and why we remember what we do and what happens when we start forgetting. From working memory to flashbulb memory, young readers are introduced to the field of neuroscience. It also looks at the role memory plays in our daily lives and collective history, and how major global events get imprinted in our minds.

You will also find out how memory can work for you. Have you ever met Roy G. Biv? (He helps you remember the colors of the spectrum.) How come you can't forget the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? (Because it's set to music.) Why don't elephants ever forget? (They've got a great sense of smell.) Discover more tips and tricks to train your brain to remember. Young or old, let's start making memories.


“The writing is fluid and easy to read, perfect for the middle school set…Polak’s text explores memory from numerous angles and adapts its tone accordingly, from humorous to respectful and solemn when needed. The real-life examples are fascinating, and readers will come away with in-depth knowledge on the mind…A must-have title for libraries.” -- School Library Journal